Dental Duty Hygiene Kit, Calculus and Plaque Remover Set, Stainless Steel Tarter Scraper, Tooth Pick, Dental Scaler and Mouth Mirror, Dentist Home Use Tools, Blue

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Product Description

Dental Duty Hygiene KitDental Duty Hygiene Kit

Achieve Pristine Dental Care At Home With A Professional Stainless Steel Dental Cleaning Kit By Dental Duty!

Expertly designed by dental care experts, this professional-grade oral hygiene kit, will help you perfect your dental care routine and enjoy thoroughly cleaned teeth.

While brushing and flossing are essential for your teeth hygiene, they are definitely not enough. To really help you fight tartar, plaque and food residue build up and keep every inch of your teeth and gums utterly clean, this oral care kit includes:

· 1 x Magnifying Dentist Mirror

· 1 x Tartar Scraper

· 1 x Dental Scaler

· 1 x Dental Tooth Pick

Easy and safe to use, you will have everything you need to free your teeth of any nastiness, right at the comfort of your home.


6 Vibrant Colors To Choose From – Because Every Family Member Deserves Excellent Dental Hygiene!

Available in 6 beautiful colors [Black – Blue – Aqua – Red – Purple – White], these cases do not only keep your favorite dental cleaning tools in place, but they also make sure that you won’t confuse your personal oral kit with the other members of the family.

Made of premium quality, surgical-grade stainless steel material, the quality of this dental kit will cover your needs for a long, long time.

dental duty hygiene kitdental duty hygiene kit

With Dental Duty’s Seal Of Excellence & Thousands Of Satisfied Customers, You Have Every Good Reason To Try It.

Devoted in creating excellent quality oral care products that offer your teeth the professional care they need to remain strong, Dental Duty has been trusted by thousands of Americans and people all over the world.

With an endless number of fans, this Dental Care Hygiene Kit deserves a place in your teeth-cleaning routine and is certain to revolutionize the way you view your daily brushing!

Affordable, easy to use and made to last a lifetime, this hygiene kit is perfect for touch ups between dental visits to prevent the painful symptoms of tartar built up, including yellow teeth, bad breath and tooth decay.








Made of excellent quality, surgical grade Stainless Steel material, these dental instruments are rustproof and naturally resistant to dirt built up. Just rinse them clean and you may rest assured that they will remain in pristine condition for years!


Packed in a compact and super convenient case that keeps every tool neatly in place, this oral hygiene kit is easy to take with you even on your travels. Plus, the durable case keeps your dental tools protected from dust and external airborne agents.


Your furry friends deserve a great dental care routine too! Suitable even for puppies and dogs, with this dental scaler set you can regularly check and deep clean your dog’s teeth to prevent long term damage and fight away bad breath.

dental hygiene pick set

dental hygiene pick set

dental hygiene pick set

dental hygiene pick set

dental hygiene pick set

dental hygiene pick set

dental hygiene pick set

dental hygiene pick set


Featuring ergonomically designed, textured long handles for secure grip and thin tips for detailed application, this kit works wonders even for people with braces. The dental scraper, scaler and pick allow you to thoroughly clean every inch around your braces to enjoy a spotless smile even with your braces on!


Unlike toothbrushes that can’t properly reach your back teeth and all the tight areas around your gums, these dental tools allow you to deep cleanse every nook and cranny of your front and back teeth with utter precision. Plus, you can even gently clean the sensitive area around your gums.


The accumulated tartar, food morsels and plaque around your mouth are among the main factors for bad breath. Along with the magnifying mouth mirror and scraper included in the kit, you can finally get rid of halitosis and those embarrassing odor- causing agents, the proven, natural way!


Tartar build up and yellow stains are not only aesthetically unpleasing but they also pose a threat to your overall gum and dental care. With this oral care kit you will finally be to able achieve optimal dental hygiene for a bright smile all while shielding your teeth from tooth decay and other painful conditions!

Travel Size Case

Dentist Mirror

Tartar Scraper

Dental Scaler

Dental Tooth Pick

BASIC DENTAL CARE INSTRUMENTS – The set comes with 1 Dentist Mirror, 1 Dental Scaler, 1 Tartar Scraper/ Plaque Remover, 1 Dental tooth Pick (more effective than usual toothpicks). Removing plaque and stain usually requires a visit to your dentist or dental hygienist. However, you can remove them yourself at home using natural remedies and basic dental instruments.
PLAQUE AND TARTAR REMOVER – Plaque is made up of invisible masses of harmful germs that live in the mouth and stick to the teeth along the gum line. Some types of plaque can cause tooth decay & cavities. Other types of plaque can cause gum disease. Tartar is calcified or hardened plaque that attaches to the enamel on your teeth and below the gum line. Using Dental Duty Hygiene Kit regularly can prevent ingrowth of plaque and tartar.
ADVANTAGES OVER CONVENTIONAL TOOTH CARE – It requires no toothpastes or mouthwash. An essential set of tools next to your teeth whitening products and stain erasers. Dedicated to quality and style, all tools are manufactured using the highest quality surgical rust-free stainless steel. Fully sterilizable
HELP PREVENTS MOUTH ODOR – When plaque remains between your teeth, the bacteria it harbors can create a foul smell. Tooth decay and gum disease can also cause halitosis (Bad Breath). Complementary Tips on Bad Breath: Rinse and use interdental brushes regularly- Use tongue scraper to clean your tongue. And Schedule at least two times annual visits to your dentist for professional cleaning and dental examinations.

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